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St Jude Columbiettes

We are a unified body of Catholic women who work side-by-side with the Knights of Columbus Councils with which we are affiliated

Enjoy the challenges and satisfaction of making a difference

You can do more for your church, family, and your community as a Columbiette

Be a more effective Catholic by actively working toward goals of unity and understanding

Set an example through works of charity, devotion and promotion of Catholic values

Support programs that brighten the lives of the less fortunate - the sick, the handicapped, the elderly and the young


Strengthens the community from within


Join others in events that bear fruit


Have fun and make new friends

About Us

The Columbiettes, an organization of Catholic women dedicated to our Patronesses, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Theresa the Little Flower and St. Joan of Arc, are comprised of affiliated Auxiliaries of the Knights of Columbus Councils.


A Columbiette Auxiliary is in existence only with the consent and approval of the Council with which it is affiliated. One of our purposes is to aid our Council spiritually, socially and financially. The Columbiette Auxiliary upon request aids said Council in all its endeavors.

Our Mission

Promote the spiritual, social and charitable welfare of our members


To instill a steadfast conviction relating to the proper place and function of Catholic women in safeguarding the religious, civil and economic rights of all Catholics

To rely upon the intercession of Mary, our Mother and Model, for guidance in guarding the common good, and to work through her, on loving and aiding all members of the human family and to give assistance to the Knights of Columbus in all their activities upon request.


A woman is eligible if she is a practicing Catholic in good standing, age 18 or older.   You do not need to be related to a current Knights of Columbus member.

To apply to become a Columbiette or for more information, please complete the contact form below or email


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5815 5th Ave N

St Petersburg, FL 33710



Jane Lonergan - President

Andrea Sherman - Past President

Debra Nigara - Vice President

Virginia Sanderson - Secretary

Dora Feck - Financial Secretary

Arlene Scott - Treasurer

Jan White - Sentinel